Week 3 Sculpture

Painting Sculptures from Week 2
Class Objective:
This week in sculpture class students worked on finishing the air-dried nameplates they sculpted in week 2. Choosing paint colors, they painted and completed the project to take home.
We discussed colors and which ones looked better beside others.
Students chose colors of paint including metallics.
They learned that when the paint dries you can paint over your mistakes to cover them.
Students chose chord color to use for hanging them since they were two hole projects.
Everyone did a great job!

Bring a small bottle of Elmer's glue to next week's class

Looking Forward To Week 4:
Week 4 we'll be actually making real Bread Dough in the class and sculpting a secret gift with it. The recipe for making this Bread Dough at home will be posted here so parents and students can make projects together at home.

Weekly Notes To Parents:
This week was fun for the kids. They got to see their dried name plates and were all fascinated at how the slimey clay from Week 2 dried smooth and hard. Then they had a good time painting them with their color choices and combinations. We discussed how certain paint colors compliment each other. They all loved the metallic paint shades and did excellent work in their painting. We had a great time.

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