Week 2 Calligraphy

It's All About The Angle

Class Objective:
We spent this week in calligraphy class working and practicing the angle of the writing pen again. Professional Martha Stewart writing markers were distributed to each student.

Project Application:
Students worked on writing (tracing) their calligraphied names after a week's practice. They all did much better and I became more familiar with each one's writing style. The class once again concentrated on how to correctly hold the pen which gives the beautiful thick and thin lines of classic calligraphy styles.
We discussed ink fading and how to avoid it.
Students learned the importance of using acid free inks that are colorfast, if they want a piece to last and become an heirloom, artistic piece.
We reviewed some completed decorative calligraphy pieces.
The class discussed some important handwriting issues.
They practiced their names.
We discussed future projects that would be done during the course of the class.

Students were instructed to continue practicing proper pen angle at home.

Looking Forward To Week 3:
After practicing for the week, students will begin writing without having an already done piece to trace from. We will discuss preparing for their first project, while continuing to practice their pen angle and delivery.

Weekly Notes To Parents:
We had another great time talking about their handwriting. Please encourage them to practice. Being able to hold and use the pen correctly is the number one first challenge. Much practice is needed before we will be able to begin any creative projects.

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