Week 3 Calligraphy

Class Objective:
We spent this week in calligraphy class discussing and working on a single classic calligraphy lettering style.

Project Application:
Students worked on writing (tracing) their style template by paying close attention to pen angle in order to make our lettering exactly like the template. The class once again concentrated on how to correctly hold the pen which gives the beautiful thick and thin lines of classic calligraphy styles.

We discussed paying close attention to how their lettering looked when removed from the template style.
Students traced the style once with a critique pointing out correctly done letters.
Students traced the style a second time noticing that once they were warmed up their lettering looked much better.
The class discussed personal handwriting styles and how once the classic style is learned they can later add their own style into it.
We discussed our first "real" calligraphy piece deciding the subject.

Students will decide on what they want to write for their first calligraphy piece. They will bring it with them to the next class.

Looking Forward To Week 4:
After deciding and bringing what they will write for their first "real" piece, students will learn how to begin a piece. We will setup and get ready for the first piece. Students must bring ...
A "Shaeffer" one pen, three nib size, multi color ink set available at Michael's.

Weekly Notes To Parents:
We had another great time talking about handwriting and practicing. This coming week we will begin a "real" calligraphy project. Please make sure student brings the Shaeffer Pen Set.

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