Who's Angee?

I am! The author of this informational blog, Angee Chase. I am also known by my signature as a.chase, an international artist who currently lives in the panhandle of Florida on the Gulf Coast that used to have gorgeous sugary white sand beaches, until the oil came.

I'm so right brained, I walk with a list; head leaning, brain clicking, arranging the art I store in my hands. If I don't do something creative today I fear I might explode. Consequently I have a chunky portfolio, and huge array of artistic creations, in a wide variety of mediums. There's something creative going on all the time because I must be true to myself and this passion.

As far back as I can remember I drew and painted. For many years I didn't have the ability to draw what I saw in my head so just practiced, practiced, practiced. After about 20 years, I think one day God looked down on my room full of wasted paper (from not succeeding, crumbling, and starting again) and decided He would let me have it! The creative gift. I don't know the exact day, but, all of a sudden... boom! I could draw pretty much anything I wanted to.

I have a variety of artistic and creative endeavors that have garnered me awards and attention under my belt. I've belonged to artisan cooperatives, owned a sign shop, and was president of an artist's gallery. As a result I have developed a great passion for the work of others who have also spent a virtual lifetime of practice and effort to achieve their creative status and success. These gifts come naturally but also require an inordinate amount of time to perfect. It's wonderfully inspiring to learn about creative processes no matter the medium.

At present I have a homebased business and run three Etsy shops out of my home studio. AngeeArt contains my original fine art prints and sculpture. (also has vintage and antiques I inherited from my mother) The second, WonderWorks contains hand sculpted to-scale dollhouse miniatures and tiny collectibles. The third, Visualicious concentrates on my handmade edible jewelry and gourmet confections created from my own secret recipes.

Throughout my career I've done professional calligraphy, graphic art designs, illustrated children's books, and had many creative experiences. My mediums are many. I have a 35 year career in freelance commercial illustration and graphic design working in advertising. print, and web design.

I am a children's book illustrator, and sculptor producing miniature dollhouse pieces for wholesale since the early 70s. Throughout the 80s and 90s I was the only professional calligrapher in my local area, providing hand-lettered city maps, magazines, logos, invitations, artwork, and certificates to the local hospitals, Bar Assoc., Home Builder's Assoc., and many other businesses.

I did a series of colored pencil and acrylic paintings, and began doing fine art commissions. I have a prolific portfolio and through this blog, am looking forward to discovering and sharing the work of some of the best artists I can find to encourage creative talented people who are just getting started or maybe finally persuing a hidden passion.

And finally, to be completely honest ... I am publishing this blog so I can collect some of the most awesome things I've seen on the internet without needing the extra room in my house.

Creative-Class is a grand collection. Wanna play?