Week 4 Calligraphy

How to Design a Project Layout
Class Objective:
This week in calligraphy class students worked on gathering information for their first project. Chose and added borders from premade designs to begin a preliminary. They began a solid layout and penciled it in on scratch paper.
We discussed spacing project wording around a border.
Students chose borders from a premade template book.
They learned the 1" outside border measurement to allow for matting and framing.
Students looked at word layouts for flush left, centered, and flush right.
Everyone did a great job!

Look and find possible decorative designs at home in magazines, also find a saying for their new project.

Looking Forward To Week 5:
Week 5 we'll be actually marking and preparing a bright poster sketch of found parts, including borders.

Weekly Notes To Parents:
We had a great time.

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