Resin Techniques

Here's some great information from Chris at Flowers For Real Jewelry who uses real pressed flowers embedded in resin to make some lovely jewelry.

I hope others will find this information useful for crafting with resin.

Everyone has their favorite resin; mine is Rio Grande Colores Doming Resin. Also I use Envirotech Lite, although it hardens a lot faster and I don't like to be rushed. I thought I'd include a few recent notes I've made for myself.

1. If I don't have the patience today, I'm jumpy or grouchy or tired, I put it off. Pouring, stirring and babysitting the resin takes a lot of time and care. I allow a 2 hour period for a pour.

2. I use magnifying glasses right before I put a clear cover over my new pours. I find lots of little things I would have otherwise missed.

3. My favorite tools are makeup sponge applicators to soak up extra resin on the edges, and microbrushes for spreading resin from the center to the edges.

4. I can't use Elmer's glue or ModPodge with resin and most pressed flowers; it discolors the flowers.

5. I always use a cheap wooden turntable (from Walmart) covered with waxed paper; I ALWAYS check and adjust the level before I pour. Saves a heck of a lot of frustration.

6. Once I've checked everything with my magnifying glasses, I cover stuff with a clear cover (came on a cake) and I leave it alone until morning. If I go in and try to "fix" things I end up ruining 2 or 3 pieces.

7. I put a backing of clear packing tape on everything before I pour resin. Then I only have to clean the edges if the resin overflows the piece.

8. I keep a straw handy to gently blow any bubbles on the surface of the resin once its poured.

Find many more of these beautiful treasures made with real pressed flowers embedded in resin at ... www.etsy.com/shop/FlowersForRealJewelr

Thanks to Chris for sharing her great techniques. I'm sure they will be very helpful to those just starting out using resin. If you enjoyed this post, let Chris know by leaving a comment.

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