Week 1 Calligraphy

It's All About Placing The Pen

Class Objective:
This first calligraphy class allowed me to get to know each student and become familiar with each one's writing styles and abilities. Students were introduced to "the art of beautiful writing" by examining different small decorative calligraphy pieces as well as looking at some large professional pieces I had created. The class discussed basic terminology and some important handwriting issues before beginning.

Project Application: Hold it! Tracing a Quote
Students used calligraphy markers and tracing paper. They were instructed to trace an existing quote that was already done in a decorative style. The class mainly concentrated on how to correctly hold the pen which gives the beautiful thick and thin lines of classic calligraphy styles.
♥ They learned how to setup a makeshift lap light table workspace using a simple large frame with only glass in it and a small lamp.
♥ They learned the important fact that a person's handwriting changes every day.
♥ When working large projects one must begin a paragraph and continue all the way through to the end before stopping or it will be evident where the stops and starts are as your handwriting changes.
♥ How to use ruled lines to write a straight word beautifully, and how to use rule lines for an envelope address.
♥ They practiced their names.
♥ We discussed future projects that would be done during the course of the class.

They were instructed to practice proper pen angle at home and look around them to see calligraphy or beautifully written/designed logos, signage and common places where it might be used.

Looking Forward To Week 2:
After practicing for the week, students will begin writing without having an already done piece to trace from, practicing their pen angle and delivery.

Weekly Notes To Parents:
I enjoyed meeting your girls and had a great time talking with them about their handwriting. They seemed eager to begin working on the ability to create beautiful written projects. Please encourage them to practice. Being able to hold and use the pen correctly is the number one first challenge. Much practice is needed before we will be able to begin any creative projects.

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