Week 4 Sculpture

Using Simple Ingredients
The recipe for making this Bread Dough at home will be in the next post. Parents and students can use the recipe to make projects together at home.

Class Objective:

This week in sculpture class each student made one recipe of Bread Dough Clay. It took the entire class time for each student to make their recipe.
They learned how to mix simple ingredients to form clay that can be shared with the whole family and easily made at home.
It was very messy but fun!
Students learned to knead the clay until it dried enough that it no longer stuck to their hands. So, it started out very messy and then became very clean and workable.
Students learned sometimes it's important to use the exact ingredients. Elmer's Glue All dries faster than any other white glue. This helps the dough form faster and take less time to make.
They had messy fun and were amazed at how two unlikely ingredients make something so clay-like.
Recipe for Bread Dough Clay follows in the next posting

Homework: None

Looking Forward To Week 5:
Week 5 we'll be coloring the Bread Dough Clay the students made in this class and sculpting beads for a necklace, bracelet, or keychain.

Weekly Notes To Parents:
This week was fun for the kids. Then they had a good time being messy on purpose. Students got to see their sticky bread and glue dry to become a smooth and soft ball of clay. Stored in plastic ziplock bags I brought the clay home, and refrigerated it. Next week students will finish this project by coloring the dough and making beads.

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