Week 5 Sculpture

Using Acrylic Paint
Class Objective:

Last week in sculpture class each student made one recipe of Bread Dough Clay. This week Sculpture I spent the whole class separating their dough into three parts and coloring them with paint. It took the entire class time for each student to accomplish this task. I took their finished colored clay home for safe keeping. In Sculpture III the older students colored their clay and finished making beads with it.
They learned how to mix paint into the dough
Again they got to have very messy fun!
Students learned small amounts of paint made pale colors and some colors took quite a bit of paint to get a bright shade.
We discussed mixing colors to make different colors. i.e., red and yellow made orange.
Students were able to see how great the clay looked when two colors were swirled together instead of thoroughly mixed.

Homework: None

Looking Forward To Week 6:
Sculpture One will be making beaded bracelets, necklaces, or keychains by student choice with the colored Bread Dough Clay they made in this class.
Sculpture Three will be making new batches of Bread Dough and working on new pieces.

Weekly Notes To Parents:
Several of the students did not get their projects to take home at the end of the class day. When we have completed projects, please make sure to come by the classroom and pick up their projects to take home.

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