Billie Anderson's Functional Art

Take a great artist with years of practice who's loaded with creativity, give her a computer to play with, a pile of used bags, and what have you got? Pillows & Laptop Messenger bags, Military Map Bags & Swiss Army Fly Fishing Bags that she re-news using her own printed fabrics customized with her gorgeous original artwork & photomontage designs.

I just had to share these ingeniously unique, signature pieces of functional art by
Billie Anderson of FloorArt Etc. I love this stuff! ~ angee

Billie's Functional Art Pieces from Etsy

MEET Billie Anderson from Bigfork Montana...

I've been an artist, photographer, basket weaver, seamstress, candlemaker, and crafter for over 40 years. For the last 4 years I've focused on painting large painted canvas rugs, wall tapestries, and furniture.

My first Grandson was born in February 2010 and I moved temporarily for about a year to Colorado to be his Nanny. A job I just LOVE! While here, as there is not enough room to do large paintings, I have been honing my photographic skills as well as my sewing. I'm loving using my Photoshop to create photomontages and also having my art and photographic designs custom printed onto fabric where the possibilities are endless.

I have design ideas all around me and I tend to have a multitude of ideas going at the same time. I feel very fortunate to be a designer and artist along with being a Nanny to my adorable Grandson Nikolas. I love every minute of every day.

You can purchase Billie's pieces from her Etsy shop here:

Check out Billie's Portfolio Slideshow to see her past artworks

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous bags with us Billie. They're truly inspirational and awesomely unique. Here's to many sales and much success!

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